Being involved in a strong marriage can be one good reason of a happily married life pilules viagra. I personally support strong marriages and so do many other people who believe in being married and strongly staying together with their spouse. Staying in a married relationship has become difficult due to some unwanted and absurd reasons. Couples find different ways to fight and disagree with each other just on small issue that sometimes weakens their bond with each other. I’m personally interested to learn different lessons from the couples who get some early divorce. This becomes a reason for other couples to avoid those mistakes which those people have done and lead them to a divorce.

Some reasons to divorce are extremely acceptable due to long term addiction, deceit, infidelity or abuse; it is quite easy to see the end of many marriages. But some people demand for a divorce just because of some dumb and absurd reasons that are totally unacceptable. The excuses made are poor and heads the couple to choose the wrong path for their lives. Here are some of the most bizarre and absurd reasons to get a divorce:


Every spouse has some issues with each other but it’s not your job to force change them. Every person has the liberty to think independently, you cannot force them to agree with your every decision. They can for instant deny or disagree with any of your thoughts and decisions. You cannot change what other is thinking and implementing. The most common thing one can change in a married or any other relationship is ones physical appearance that too for the sake of love that they do for each other. Change in every bit of your thought process is not easy but one can work on it just to keep the other one happy.


Sex is one of the most important aspect and activity of a married life but pursuing your married life just for sex is one heck of a dangerous initiative. To keep your married life growing you need to work on the intimate side of you. Stop making excuses that you are no more enjoying your spouse physical. Find ways to tackle this sore problem by trying out something new from the closet and making your spouse happy. This cannot be one blunt reason to get a divorce.


Married life sometimes become boring and monotonous due to lack of spouse interest and other activities. Frustration and stress is one of the weak elements of a married life that make everything worse at some point. One tries to make some extremely lame and worst decisions when they’re frustrated or tried. They should know how to relieve stress symptoms just to keep their selves going towards happiness. Marriage is completely different in real-life if we compare it with the one shown in movies, the key is not to give up and keep going. It is all up to you if you want your marriage to work. So stop making those frustrated statements and get a life for the sake of your family’s happiness.


The statement says it all, if you cannot forgive anyone than you can neither make yourself happy nor the other. The problem is not to forgive your spouse for some past offense. This will not only punish the other person but will also hurt you inside. Keeping a grudge for no reason is like a slow poison, you are killing yourself in bits. In order to keep your relationship away from a divorce, you have to start working on your relationship seriously. Start forgiving just to heal from inside instead of awkward resentment and punishment.


Is falling apart in your relationship easy? I don’t think so as this excuse is extremely lame if we get to the root of it. It is just a misinterpretation of love between the couples. Life is to live and enjoy, it is not feel sad and grow apart. It is a way of strong commitment which both the spouses have to make even stronger with time. Keep your expectation low so that the other person can meet them easily. Usually high expectations become one of the causes of divorce when they are not met properly. Give time to each other and try to make your married life more exciting and tempting. That is the best way to make your married life work.


One big dumb excuse of the day could be comparing your spouse with someone else. Stop judging your spouse and stop sacrificing your married life for the pursuit of happiness. If you cannot find happiness in your spouse, you might not get it in another person out there. Stay committed to your family, integrity and other factors of life. Chasing happiness for long can end up with unhappy people who do not want to live together any more. Try to look for happiness in small things your partner is doing. It is not necessary that big things are going to make you feel good. It is you who has to look for the reason to life with your partner and keep both of you together in all sorts of ups and downs.


The difference in thoughts is one big reason behind divorces these days. Couples take their married life for granted just because they don’t agree with each other. One carries a different set of habits while other doesn’t like them. The difference in opinion also raises many issues leading them towards unexpected endings. It is not necessary if the two people who are committed to each other must be compatible. It is good if you have some extra compatibility in your relationship but don’t sacrifice it just by thinking that you are two different people with different lifestyle and thoughts.


There are some good chances where your relatives and friends will push you to take divorce just because of some lame reasons. They can be giving you some dumb advice on how to tackle problems in your married life that might not be making it any good. If someone hates you from inside and shows they really care about you than they are never going to give you some nice and reliable piece of advice. The thing is, you are not committed to your friends or relatives but the one with whom you have taken vows during your wedding. So if you have to choose either your spouse or your friends and relatives, get a life and do something good for the love of your life.

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